death at tammany hall


Pamela Thompson: widow, private detective with Prescott’s firm

Jeremiah Prescott: head of a law firm, Pamela’s friend

Gloria Prescott: estranged wife of Jeremiah Prescott

Edward Prescott: Williams College student, son of Gloria and Jeremiah Prescott

Mary Clark: Pamela Thompson’s protegée, Williamstown millworker’s daughter and friend of Edward Prescott.

Harry Miller: formerly of the NYPD, now a private detective with Prescott’s firm and Pamela’s partner

Police detective Larry White of the NYPD: Harry’s friend

Patricia (Trish) Sullivan White: Larry’s wife

Theresa Sullivan Blake: 30ish widow; Patricia’s sister

James Sullivan Blake: Theresa’s nine-year old son

Michael Sullivan: Patricia and Theresa’s older brother, assistant trust officer in the Union Square Bank and Trust Company

Martha Sullivan: 60ish mother of Michael, Patricia and Theresa

Mrs. Donovan: The Sullivan Family’s cook.

Tony Palermo: an Italian cab driver and murder victim

Dan Kelly: Tammany Hall guard; hired assassin

Paddy McBride and Bill Cook: Kelly’s assistants

Terry Finch: Kelly’s Los Angeles contact, a bouncer and handyman at the Republic Hotel

Michael Malone: Police officer who carried out the initial investigation of Palermo’s murder

Howard Chapman: Tammany lawyer, who lost the incriminating portfolio, then disappeared and took the name Herman Chabert

Judge Noah Fawcett: retired state criminal court judge for Manhattan 

Isaac Fawcett: the judge’s nephew and a Junior at Williams College

Catherine Fawcett: the judge’s distant cousin, hostess, and private secretary

Rev. Charles Parkhurst (1848-1933): prominent Presbyterian preacher and leader of the police and judicial reform movement in New York City.

Ambrose Norton: clerk in the Trust Department of the Union Square Bank and Trust Company

Barney Flynn: private investigator and Harry Miller’s friend

Florence Mulligan: sister of Mike Mulligan, former ward boss in Chelsea

Big Tim Smith: Previously a NY City alderman who arranged the “Boodle.” Now the ward boss in Chelsea

Richard Croker (1843-1922): Top Tammany boss. Left NY, spring 1894, returned Sept 1897

Frederick Grant: a clerk in Tammany Hall’s legal department

Francis Dodd: Grant’s friend and a senior clerk in the same department

Mrs. Scott: Grant’s landlady

Alice Curran: brothel madam on Sand Street, Brooklyn. Former friend of Dan Kelly

Maria Stella: seamstress on Sand Street, befriended by Alice Curran

Lucretia La Belle: stylish mistress of the Phoenix Club in Chelsea’s Tenderloin District

Herbert L. Pratt (1871-1945): Amherst football team captain; from a prominent refinery family

Charles Hart: helpful black Pullman porter on the California Limited

Paul Gagnon: Los Angeles Pinkerton detective

The Carrolls: the married couple who befriended Pamela and Mary Clark on the trip to LA.

Hugh Carey: LA businessman, suspected of being Chapman in disguise

Franklin Carter (1837-1919): President of Williams College

Edgar: elderly waiter at the Limerick restaurant

Johnny Card: Los Angeles cabdriver and retired U.S. army sergeant

John R. Fellows (1832-1896): District Attorney in NY City

Joe Meagher: bartender at the Tiger’s Den saloon; Florence Mulligan’s friend