Death in Saratoga Springs

List of Characters

Pamela Thompson: widowed former social worker now private detective working for Prescott

Jeremiah Prescott: New York lawyer and private detective

Harry Miller: former NYPD detective now a private detective working for Prescott

Jed [Jedidiah] Crake: formerly a decorated Union army captain in Sherman’s March through Georgia. Now an ailing meat packing executive

Rachel Crake: young wife of Jed Crake

Robert Shaw: former British soldier, gambler, and Rachel’s lover

Birgitta Mattsson: the Crake’s Swedish maid

Jason Dunn: bellhop at the Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga Springs, New York

Karl Metzger: German butcher at the Grand Union Hotel

Erika Metzger: laundress at the hotel, Karl Metzger’s wife

Francesca Ricci: young Italian-American girl, Pamela’s foster daughter and chambermaid at the Grand Union Hotel

Tom Winn (1851-1915): house detective at the Grand Union Hotel

Clarence Clough Buel (1850-1933): journalist and author of popular Civil War history

Samuel Tower: Crake’s sergeant in Georgia during the war, now living in a veterans home

Emil Schmidt: Crake’s former comrade and night manager of his meat packing plants

Helen Fisk:  Pamela’s rich and well-connected Saratoga friend

Richard Canfield (1855-1914): proprietor of the luxurious Saratoga Springs casino

James Crawford: disabled executive of a NY-Savannah shipping company.

Edith Crawford: James’s older sister and equestrienne

Virgil Crawford: their light-skinned black cousin, family butler, and James’s caregiver.

Sergeant Larry White: NYPD police detective and Harry Miller’s friend

Jeffrey Porter: manager of Crake Meat Packing Company

Alexander (Clubber) Williams (1839-1917): NYPD police inspector

Michael Murphy: Saratoga Springs police detective

Ruth Colt: missing young woman of concern to the Crawfords