Death of a Robber Baron

List of Characters

Pamela Thompson: wife of Jack Thompson; junior private investigator for Jeremiah Prescott

Jack Thompson: Pamela’s husband, cashier at savings bank

Henry Jennings: rich businessman, the “Copper King”

Brenda Reilly: Pamela’s young ward.

Dennis Reilly: Brenda’s father

Jeremiah Prescott: lawyer and head of a private detective firm, Civil War veteran

Peter Yates: semi-retired clerk in Prescott’s office; Pamela Thompson’s friend

Gloria Prescott: Jeremiah Prescott’s estranged wife

Alexander “Clubber” Williams (1839-1917): NYPD police inspector

Harry Miller: former NYPD detective; Prescott’s senior private investigator

Lydia Jennings: sickly, cultivated lady, second wife of Henry Jennings

Sarah Evans (alias Susan Eagan): young jewelry salesclerk

Patrick O’Boyle: 50 year old Irish coachman, former NYPD patrolman

Margaret/Maggie Rice: pantry maid at Broadmore Hall

Clara Brown: attractive young neighbor to Broadmore Hall

Bernard Wilson: elderly steward at Broadmore Hall

George Allen: lawyer and tennis amateur; Prescott’s acquaintance

Helen Allen: George Allen’s young, talented wife and Henry Jennings’s mistress

John Jennings: Henry Jennings’s playboy son

Tom Parker (alias Jimmy Barker): a tramp, Maggie’s friend