False Patriots

"Madame Cartier, there's a priest to see you..."

Spring 1791. Paris is in turmoil over reforms of the church. The king and the National Assembly are in conflict. Food shortages, high prices, and unemployment cause a decline in public order. One of Anne Cartier's deaf pupils, Patrick O'Fallon, is accused of killing a radical advocate of the poor. She must find the actual killer before a mob hangs O'Fallon from a street lamp. The stakes increase when Jacques Boyer, the radical leader accusing the young man, disappears under suspicious circumstances. Boyer's supporters claim that the king's agents are conspiring to kill them off. The mayor of Paris orders Anne's husband, Colonel Paul de Saint-Martin, to investigate. The trail of evidence leads to the queen's lover, Count Fersen. He and the royal family flee from Paris. The family is forced to return, but Fersen escapes. Meanwhile, O'Fallon lives under constant threat of hanging.

About the Mystery

False Patriots is the ninth and latest mystery in the Anne Cartier series.

"All the terror, turmoil, and grime of late-eighteenth-century Paris is skillfully evoked in O'Brien's latest French Revolution-era mystery... As usual, O'Brien provides a meticulously detailed whodunit stocked with a pantheon of well-drawn characters, whose intersecting and overlapping lives ground the plot solidly in the muck and mire of a ruthless juncture in history."

Booklist, review by Margaret Flanagan

"The reader will cheer Anne and Paul along as the couple strive to do what they know to be right in the face of political chaos and general indifference."

Publishers Weekly

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ISBN: 13: 978-0-7278-6898-5
Severn House Publishers, Ltd.
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