Death in Saratoga Springs

America's rich at play, high stakes gambling, echoes of the Civil War and settling old scores.

Saratoga Springs, summer 1894.  Captain Jed Crake, decorated hero of the Union Army in the Civil War and leading entrepreneur in New York City's meat packing industry, has been stabbed to death in the Grand Union Hotel.  Pamela Thompson seeks to clear her ward, Francesca Ricci, a maid at the hotel and the police detective's chief suspect.  Pamela's investigation reveals that Crake secretly preyed upon poor young women and was himself a murderer.  Pamela also unearths genuine suspects of his death: The captain's young, pretty wife, Rachel, and her lover, Rob Hayes, a slick con man; a wealthy family from Georgia where Crake wreaked havoc dring Sherman's March to the Sea thirty years earlier.  In the end, Francesca is cleared, but Pamela is left with a dilemma, how is justice being served.

About the mystery

Death in Saratoga Springs (Kensington 2014) is the second novel in the Gilded Age series.  The third novel in the series will appear in 2015.


"O'Brien accurately evokes the affluent Saratoga of 1894...with a nice, last-minute twist."

Publisher's Weekly

"This leisurely second effort in O'Brien's new series is evidently aimed at history buffs."

Kirkus Reviews

"The second of the Gilded Age Mysteries is an entertaining, timely historical whodunit...that enables readers to visit Manhattan and Saratoga Springs during the decadent 'Gay Nineties'."

Harriet Klausner

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ISBN: 978-0-7582-8638-3

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