Deadly Quarrel

"You'll pay for this, someday, I promise."

On a trip from Paris to London in October 1789, Anne Cartier learns that her rich young deaf friend, Janice Parker, has narrowly missed being murdered. With Dick Burton, retired Bow Street officer, Anne searches for the perpetrators in London, Bath and Bristol. She discovers that Janice's uncle and guardian, Thomas Parker, his mistress Amelia Swan, and his half-brother Captain Seth Judd all covet her money and may even have been involved in the death of her parents. Anne feels that she must protect Janice and search out the truth of who is trying to kill her...

About the Mystery

Deadly Quarrel (Severn House, 2009) is the eighth in the Anne Cartier series.

"A suspenseful plot, authentic details of life in eighteenth-century England, and a healthy dose of intrigue and adventure make this a satisfying read for historical mystery and romance fans."

Booklist, June 1, 2009

"Despite the extensive cast of characters, the author manages to make each one lively and memorable. History enthusiasts will especially appreciate the careful research that O'Brien manages to seamlessly weave throughout the plot."

Publishers Weekly, May 25, 2009

"O'Brien's meticulous period mysteries always provide the pleasures of historical detail..."

Kirkus, July 1, 2009

Sample Chapter

ISBN: 978-7278-7867-407
Severn House Publishers, Ltd.
US$27.95 - UK£18.99