Assassins' Rage

"Citizens of Paris, beware..."

Tuesday, 14th July 1789. Anne Cartier observes a mob storming the Bastille, the royal fortress in the heart of Paris. The city revolts and the king's authority vanishes. His adversary the Duc d'Orleans exploits the chaos. When several royal officers are assassinated, the Marquis de Lafayette and Mayor Bailly call upon Anne's husband, Colonel Paul de Saint-Martin, to investigate. Then a mob lynches a troublesome baker. The Abbé de l'Épée, teacher of the deaf, asks Anne to look into the incident. Who prompted the mob? Who profited by the murder? What can be done for the baker's deaf widow and son? More violence ensues, and on a dark night an assassin shoots a lieutenant of the Highway Patrol in the back. The victim was riding Saint-Martin's white horse. Who was the intended target? Anne and Paul find several suspect for these murders - and evidence of a mastermind, a hidden hand...

About the Mystery

Assassins' Rage (Severn House, 2008) is the seventh in the Anne Cartier series.

"Another sparkling historical mystery in this popular series... As always, O'Brien has meticulously researched the setting and events at the time of his story and has turned a simple murder mystery into a gripping historical read, rife with far-reaching context."

Booklist, May 1, 2008

"Readers familiar with the period will appreciate the skill with which the author blends his heroes' fictional investigation with fact... As usual, O'Brien portrays major characters as complex people and sketches minor ones with a sure hand."

Publishers Weekly, June 16, 2008

Sample Chapter

ISBN: 978-0-7278-6607-3
Severn House Publishers, Ltd.
US$27.95 - UK£18.99