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A Gilded Age novel, by Charles O’Brien

New York City, autumn 1894.

Pamela Thompson, private investigator sets out to clear a colleague’s name. Years earlier as a police detective, Harry Miller was falsely charged with extortion while investigating the notorious bribery of a dozen city aldermen in a surface railway case. In the cover-up a cab driver and a bank clerk were murdered.  The responsible parties – Big Tim Smith, a Democratic politician at Tammany Hall, and Judge Noah Fawcett– will now do whatever it takes to bury the case and ruin Miller. One step ahead of a hired assassin, Pamela crosses the country to the orange groves and the slums of Los Angeles to find a key witness to the cab driver’s murder and expose the truth.

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About the New Series

Death with a gilded edge...

Between the Civil War and World War I, bold entrepreneurs, such as Cornelius Vanderbilt and his fictional counterparts in this series, led America to become an industrialized modern nation. Ruthless in their methods, they accumulated enormous wealth and spent it on self-glorification and showy philanthropy. The Gilded Age Series unveils the dark side of ostentatious, often philanthropic wealth and bold, often reckless enterprise.

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