New York City, 1894. Captain Jed Crake is a decorated veteran of the Union army and a successful mogul in the meatpacking industry. But this powerful man also has a hidden private life as a predator of young women. Crake's dark history catches up with him and he is murdered in a posh hotel in Saratoga Springs. Now, in this pastoral playground of the idle rich, it's up to Pamela and Miller to find Crake's killer--as well as his victim--and save an innocent girl from a fate worse than death. Learn more.

About the New Series

Death with a gilded edge...

Between the Civil War and World War I, bold entrepreneurs, such as Cornelius Vanderbilt and his fictional counterparts in this series, led America to become an industrialized modern nation. Ruthless in their methods, they accumulated enormous wealth and spent it on self-glorification and showy philanthropy. The Gilded Age Series unveils the dark side of ostentatious, often philanthropic wealth and bold, often reckless enterprise.

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